1General considerations

2Consent and anaesthetic risk

3Cardiovascular disease

4Perioperative arrhythmias

5Respiratory disease

6Renal disease

7Hepatic disease

8Endocrine and metabolic disease

9Bone, joint, and connective tissue disorders

10Haematology: drugs, tests, and disorders

11Neurological and muscular disorders

12Psychiatric disorders and drugs

13Uncommon conditions

14Cardiac surgery

15Thoracic surgery


17Vascular surgery

18Orthopaedic surgery

19Plastic surgery

20General surgery

21Anaesthesia for obesity

22Liver transplantation and resection

23Endocrine surgery

24Urological surgery

25Gynaecological surgery

26Ear, nose, and throat surgery

27Maxillofacial and dental surgery

28Ophthalmic surgery

29Day surgery

30Laser surgery

31Anaesthesia for radiology

32Anaesthesia for the elderly

33Obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia

34Paediatric and neonatal anaesthesia

35The critically ill patient

36Anaesthetic emergencies

37Airway assessment and management

38Practical anaesthesia

39Blood products and fluid therapy

40Acute pain

41Post-operative nausea and vomiting

42Regional anaesthesia

43Drug formulary

44Anaesthesia data