Symbols and abbreviations

1Introduction to nutrition

2Dietary reference values and food-based dietary guidelines

3Current dietary patterns in the UK

4Nutrition assessment

5Macronutrients and energy balance


7Electrolytes and fluid balance

8Food labelling, functional foods, nutrigenetics, and nutrigenomics and food supplements

9Non-nutrient components of food

10Nutrition and catering in institutions

11Popular diets

12Diet before and during pregnancy

13Infants and preschool children

14School-aged children and adolescents

15Older people

16Nutrition in vulnerable population groups

17Nutrition intervention with patients and individuals

18Nutrition policy

19Healthy and sustainable diets

20Global nutrition



23Cardiovascular disease


25Nutrition support

26Nutrition in gastrointestinal diseases

27Pancreatic disease

28Liver disease

29Kidney disease

30Respiratory disease and cystic fibrosis

31Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection

32Nutrition in mental health

33Nutrition in neurological conditions

34Rheumatology, dermatology, and bone health

35Palliative care

36Inherited metabolic disorders

37Food hypersensitivity

38Drug–nutrient interactions and prescription of nutritional products

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