Cell Culture Engineering: Recombinant Protein Production (Advanced Biotechnology)-Original PDF

Cell Culture Engineering: Recombinant Protein Production (Advanced Biotechnology)-Original PDF

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By Gyun Min Lee(Editor), Faustrup Kildegaard, Helene(Editor), Sang Yup Lee(Series Editor), Jens Nielsen(Series Editor), Gregory Stephanopoulos(Series Editor)

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Offers a comprehensive overview of cell culture engineering, providing insight into cell engineering, systems biology approaches and processing technology

In Cell Culture Engineering: Recombinant Protein Production, editors Gyun Min Lee and Helene Faustrup Kildegaard assemble top class authors to present expert coverage of topics such as: cell line development for therapeutic protein production; development of a transient gene expression upstream platform; and CHO synthetic biology. They provide readers with everything they need to know about enhancing product and bioprocess attributes using genome-scale models of CHO metabolism; omics data and mammalian systems biotechnology; perfusion culture; and much more.

This all-new, up-to-date reference covers all of the important aspects of cell culture engineering, including cell engineering, system biology approaches, and processing technology. It describes the challenges in cell line development and cell engineering, e.g. via gene editing tools like CRISPR/Cas9 and with the aim to engineer glycosylation patterns. Furthermore, it gives an overview about synthetic biology approaches applied to cell culture engineering and elaborates the use of CHO cells as common cell line for protein production. In addition, the book discusses the most important aspects of production processes, including cell culture media, batch, fed-batch, and perfusion processes as well as process analytical technology, quality by design, and scale down models.

-Covers key elements of cell culture engineering applied to the production of recombinant proteins for therapeutic use
-Focuses on mammalian and animal cells to help highlight synthetic and systems biology approaches to cell culture engineering, exemplified by the widely used CHO cell line
-Part of the renowned “Advanced Biotechnology” book series

Cell Culture Engineering: Recombinant Protein Production will appeal to biotechnologists, bioengineers, life scientists, chemical engineers, and PhD students in the life sciences.

Product Details

  • Series: Advanced Biotechnology
  • Hardcover: 440 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley-VCH; 1 edition (November 25, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 3527343342
  • ISBN-13: 978-3527343348