Communication Skills for Effective Dementia Care-Original PDF

Communication Skills for Effective Dementia Care-Original PDF

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By James(Author), Gibbons(Author)

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Effective communication is critical for everyone, and this insightful book teaches the skills needed by healthcare staff in their day-to-day interactions with people with dementia and their families. Often when people with dementia exhibit behaviour that challenges, it is an indication that their needs are not being met. The authors illustrate the key aspects of communication for the development of a skilled and confident workforce, capable of providing thoroughly effective care that reduces levels of agitation in people with dementia.

The first six chapters describe the CAIT (Communication and Interaction Training) framework established by the authors. This is followed by chapters contributed by experts on the Positive Care Approachâ„¢, appropriate touch and communication with people in the late stages of dementia. Accessible and practical, it will help caregivers develop and articulate existing skills as well as gain new ones, allowing them to overcome the challenges faced when caring for people with dementia.

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  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (April 18, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1785926233
  • ISBN-13: 978-1785926235