Debates in Values-Based Practice: Arguments For and Against

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by Michael Loughlin (Editor)

Demands on healthcare systems are increasingly complex and diverse. Consumerism, multiculturalism and regulation challenge practitioners and policymakers. This has led to urgent debate about the value and purpose of healthcare as people seek to make serious, well-thought through decisions. This book helps readers to make rational decisions about healthcare provision in the context of complex and diverse values. It offers no easy solutions, instead presenting a range of perspectives and arguments on values-based practice, an increasingly influential approach to managing value- conflicts/differences in medicine, psychiatry, health and social care. Readers must make their own minds up about the controversies, but this book will give them a sense of the scene and the ability to defend their own position with clarity and confidence. This is a valuable resource for health practitioners and managers, academics in health services research and policy and students of management, bioethics, applied philosophy and political and social theory. Presents diverse viewpoints, giving a clear sense of the debate about health and values Clearly explains diverse approaches, forming a good introduction to a wide range of theories and arguments Systematically presents arguments, enabling readers to think, write and argue clearly about value-decisions in healthcare practice and policy

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