Essential Med Notes 2021: Clinical complement and resource for medical trainees-Original PDF

Essential Med Notes 2021: Clinical complement and resource for medical trainees-Original PDF

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by Megan Drupals (Editor), Matthaeus Ware (Editor)

Essential Med Notes is a clinical complement and resource for medical trainees. This 37th edition features substantial revisions to the main text, figures, graphics, and evidence-based medicine boxes of all 31 chapters across the 3 volumes – Primary, Medicine, and Surgery.

Key Features

Comprehensive medical textbook, concisely written, with in-depth coverage of 31 medical specialties comprehensively updated and edited by over 200 students and 100 staff/faculty.
Three separate volumes of the textbook – Primary, Medicine, and Surgery – provide readers with lighter, more portable books for their studies.
Essential Med Notes website (, which offers readers complementary colored atlases, practice questions, and other useful resources for each medical specialty.
Common medical acronyms and abbreviations list included at the beginning of each textbook, as an easy-to-use reference and guide to the texts.
Clinical Handbook (included in this package) – a condensed and practical guide to common clinical problems seen in clinics, the OR, and hospital wards. This portable resource is essential for clerkship; it is the perfect resource to prepare you for all your clinical rotations. The handbook includes the STAT Notes, which is a step-by-step approach to 30 common ward scenarios and the ultimate guide to managing on-call issues.
E-book version – a digital version of Essential Med Notes 2021 is available for purchase through The e-book can be purchased alone or at a heavily discounted price using the purchase code contained within this book package.
“The Clinical Handbook is included in this package. Alternatively, a standalone Clinical Handbook is available from Thieme (here) for customers wishing to purchase that product separately.”

Product Details

  • Publisher: Thieme ( January 1, 2021 )
  • Pages: 1504
  • ISBN-13: 978-1927363744
  • Edition: 37e
  • Language : English