Essential Med Notes Clinical Handbook 2021-Original PDF

Essential Med Notes Clinical Handbook 2021-Original PDF

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by Kaneshwaran, Namavarian, Shulman, Drupals Ware

The standalone Clinical Handbook is for customers wishing to purchase this product separately. Alternatively, the Clinical Handbook is included in the Essential Med Notes 2021 package.

The Essential Med Notes Clinical Handbook 2021 is a pocket-sized resource containing concise and up-to-date clinical data for on-the-spot information to assist with daily clinical encounters. Each chapter begins with a basic approach to history and physical examination, followed by common presentations and associated investigations and treatments. A pharmacology chapter at the beginning of the book provides a quick reference for commonly used medications across all specialties. The Common Procedures chapter offers helpful insight into the most commonly used medical procedures. The STAT Notes chapter offers a step-by-step approach to 30 common ward scenarios and is the ultimate guide to managing on-call issues. This book is the perfect portable complement for high-yield information contained within the Essential Med Notes textbooks!

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  • Publisher: Thieme ( January 1, 2021 )
  • Pages: 510
  • ISBN-13: 978-1927363782
  • Edition: 14e
  • Language : English