Eureka: Clinical Skills, Diagnostics and Reasoning-Original PDF

Eureka: Clinical Skills, Diagnostics and Reasoning-Original PDF

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By Ben Lovell(Author), Mark Lander(Author), Nick Murch(Author)

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Clinical Skills, Diagnostics and
provides detailed coverage of the history and examination of all major
body systems. It teaches you how to undertake key clinical tests, make
effective diagnoses and develop logical clinical reasoning and will be an
essential resource as you start on the wards.

Key features:

    • an engaging and authoritative style – with everything you need in one place
    • realistic clinical cases – these show how skilled clinicians work through a presentation,
      and put disease and biomedical principles into context
    • extensive range of photographs – superb clinical photos show exactly how to undertake a broad
      range of examinations and tests
    • starter questions – stimulating questions and answers to test your knowledge and
      highlight the level of detail you need
    • study boxes – these highlight tips, tricks and key learning points

Designed to take you from the lecture
theatre to the ward – from anatomy and physiology to typical clinical cases and
how they are assessed.

By fully integrating basic science and
clinical medicine, Clinical Skills, Diagnostics and Reasoning will equip
you with the core knowledge and skills you will need for exams and placements!

Product details

  • ISBN: 978-1911510505
  • Print Length: 439 pages
  • Publisher: Scion Publishing; 1 edition (April 20, 2020)
  • Publication Date: April 20, 2020
  • Sold by: Services LLC