Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry, Volume II: Surgical Principles – Original PDF

Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry, Volume II: Surgical Principles – Original PDF

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by Peter K. Moy (Author, Editor), Alessandro Pozzi (Editor), John Beumer (Editor)

Since the concept of osseointegration was introduced to the dental community more than 35 years ago by Professor P-I Brånemark, significant improvements have been achieved in patient evaluation, methods used to enhance the bone and soft tissues of potential implant sites, and surgical techniques to prepare the osteotomy sites and place the implants. In particular, CBCT scans and associated software planning programs now enable the implant team to analyze the bone sites in three dimensions in relation to the proposed contours of the implant-retained prostheses; select implants of suitable diameter, length, and configuration; position them virtually in ideal locations; and fabricate surgical templates that enable surgeons to prepare the osteotomy sites and place the implants with great precision. These topics are thoroughly discussed from the perspective that an interdisciplinary approach will yield the most predictable outcomes for treatment of the dental implant patient. The authors address the sometimes controversial topic of immediate loading and provide useful insights regarding when this approach can achieve predictable outcomes and when it is to be avoided. The use of CAD/CAM technologies is emphasized throughout the text, and the latest developments and their use in this rapidly expanding arena are fully described.
1. History and Introduction to Implant Surgery
2. The Evolution of Modern Dental Implant Surfaces
3. Medical History and Physical Examination
4. Workup and Diagnostic Procedures
5. Implant Surgery Basics
6. Computer-Guided Planning and Surgery
7. Tilted and Zygomatic Implants
8. Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation
9. Reconstruction of Major Maxillary and Mandibular Defects with Implants
10. Surgical Considerations for the Esthetic Zone
11. Immediate Loading, Immediate Provisionalization, and Delayed Loading
12. Maintenance and Follow-Up
13. Surgical Complications of Implant Placement


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  • Pages: 450 pages
  • Publisher: Quintessence Publishing Co., Inc.; 1 edition (September 30, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0867155841
  • ISBN-13: 978-0867155846




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