G Proteins, Cytoskeleton and Cancer

G Proteins, Cytoskeleton and Cancer

G Proteins, Cytoskeleton and Cancer

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This monograph is the very first book to comprehensively review the molecular links between G proteins, in particular the Ras/Rho family of GTPases, actin-cytoskeleton and tumorigenesis. More than 25 international experts in this rapidly developing field have contributed up-to-date chapters to this volume. This information will aid in understanding how actin-cytoskeleton is dramatically rearranged during malignant transformation. This information will aid in the design of novel drugs, potentially useful in the treament of cancer.



Table of Contents


Regulation of Actin Assembly and Disassembly

The Gelsolin Family of Actin Filament Severers and Cappers

Molecular Links Between Rho Family GTPases and Myosins

The Light-Chain-Linked Regulation of Muscle Myosin II

The Tumor-Suppressor 1(2)gl: A Myosin-Binding Protein Family

Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK): Regulation of Its Tyr Phrosphorylation

Cytoskeletal Plaque Proteins: Their Role in the Regulation of Tumorigenesis

Regulation of a-Actinin and Vinculin Functions by PIP

Tumor Suppressive Function of Gelsolin

PIP2: A Protooncogenic Phospholipid

GTPase Regulators: GAPs, GDSs and GDIs

Oncogenic Ras Signaling Network

Structures of Ras and Its Complexes with Raf and GAP

Rho Family GTPases and Actin Cytoskeleton

Rho Effectors: Structure and Function

Rac/Cdc42 Effectors: ACK, PAK, MRCK, WASP, n-Chimerin, POR1, Etc

Flightless I

Mammalian IQGAPs

Farnesyltransferase Inhibitors: Agents for the Treatment of Human Cancer

SCH51344: An Inhibitor of RAS/RAC-Mediated Membrane Ruffling

Azatyrosine: Mechanism of Action

Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors: Possible Anti-Cancer Therapeutics

Bacterial Toxins Controlling Rho-GTPases

Antisense Oligonucleotides Against Ras

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