Get Through MRCS Part A: SBAs -Original PDF

Get Through MRCS Part A: SBAs -Original PDF

Get Through MRCS Part A: SBAs -Original PDF

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Success in any exam requires careful preparation, background reading and, importantly, prior self-assessment. Containing 1000 Single Best Answer (SBA) questions for the MRCS Part A, this book offers surgical trainees a wealth of exam practice, written and edited by expert authors with recent experience of the MRCS syllabus.

Get Through MRCS Part A: SBAs covers the entire syllabus, split into sections on pathology, applied surgical anatomy and physiology. Each question is accompanied by a detailed answer together with a road map highlighting important topics. Written by surgeons, for surgeons, working your way through this book is the best practise for your MRCS Part A examination.

Product Details

  • Series: Get Through
  • Paperback: 448 pages
  • Publisher: CRC Press (June 14, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1498726216
  • ISBN-13: 9781498726214

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