Handbook of Tumor Syndromes-Original PDF

Handbook of Tumor Syndromes-Original PDF

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By Dongyou Liu(Editor)

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Tumors/cancers are characterized by uncontrolled growths of abnormal cells that extend beyond their usual boundaries and disrupt the normal functions of affected organs and systems. While about 75%–80% of tumors/cancers arise sporadically without a family connection, 20%–25% appear to be familial (including 10%–15% nonhereditary familial tumors [or familial tumors] and 5%–10% hereditary familial tumors [or hereditary tumors]). As nonhereditary and hereditary familial tumors often show both tumor-related and non-tumor-related (or syndromic) symptoms, they are referred to as tumor syndromes (or cancer susceptibility syndromes).

In comparison with sporadic tumors/cancers, tumor syndromes (>300 described so far) tend to occur at a younger age, involve multiple organs and systems, produce multiple (often in a distinct spectrum) and bilateral lesions, form multiple hamartomatous, benign, or precursor lesions; locate in specific site(s), display unique syndromic features, and affect multiple members/generations of a family.

This book provides state-of-art and authoritative coverage of nearly 100 tumor syndromes, with chapters presenting overviews of individual tumor syndromes in relation to their biology, epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. Featuring contributions from oncologists, clinicians, and specialists, the book offers a reliable, comprehensive reference on tumor syndromes for scholars and students of medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, nursing, public health, and other biomedical disciplines.

Key Features

  • Reviews the biology, epidemiology, pathogenesis, and clinical features of tumor syndromes
  • Contains up-to-date information on the diagnosis and treatment of tumor syndromes
  • Includes expert coverage from leading oncologists and clinicians

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Dongyou Liu, PhD, has worked at several research and clinical laboratories in Australia and the United States for the past three decades, with a focus on molecular characterization of microbial pathogens and detection of human genetic disorders and tumors/cancers. He is the primary author of more than 50 original research and review articles in various peer-reviewed international journals, the contributor of 197 book chapters, and the editor of more than 10 books.

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