High Yield Pharmacology Review for Medical Students Course-Videos & Retail PDF

High Yield Pharmacology Review for Medical Students Course-Videos & Retail PDF

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Do you need help learning pharmacology?
Are you overwhelmed by the amount of drugs to learn?
Do you want to understand and not just memorize pharmacology?
Need help preparing for USMLE STEP 1?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! High Yield Pharmacology Review is a book and lecture series that will provide you with the absolute “need to know” information that is important for passing board exams and for use in clinical practice

How should I know?

As a licensed and practicing pharmacist of 10 years with post-graduate specialty training in critical care and emergency medicine, you could say I know a thing or two about medications. My experiences with physicians in multiple practice settings eventually led me to take my career a step further by going to medical school. Through the years, in practice and in school, I’ve come to learn what the most common, most important, and most testable medication related information is for medical students and physicians.

Why now?

What started out as a pharmacology review that my fellow med school classmates asked me to do, soon turned into test prep teaching sessions that every class beneath me has continued to request. Now that I’m just months away from graduation, I have compiled my teaching material into this book and lecture series to continue to help classmates, colleagues, and you, efficiently and effectively learn about the drug information that is crucial for success in your career.

What’s in it for you?

This book and lecture series is designed to teach you the high points about pharmacology and drugs. It will help you focus on the absolute “need to know” material for board exams and clinical practice, while omitting details such as dosing and renal or hepatic adjustments that you will learn later in residency as you begin to write medication orders. There is a reason why test makers ask a question (most of the time) – it’s because you actually need to know the material! If you are searching for an efficient way to study pharmacology and conquer almost any pharmacology question on the boards, this high yield review is sure to give you a large return on your investment.