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The Biggest Medical App on Earth With More Than 35,000 Medical and Pharmaceutical Textbooks & Databases now available globally

It's Awesome

>35,000 Books & Databases

We collect books,databases from various medical publishers , gather and enhance them to be easy to use in just One Place, One App.

Optimized Reading Experience

You can add Notes, Highlights, Search, Zoom in and out, Favorite chapters, Save Images and Videos, and export chapters as PDF.

Advanced Search

All databases are optimized for fast search, You can use Boolean logic search inside the text of all of your books in one place.

And More ...

After downloading databases you can use them offline, We have fast download servers and 24/7 support.

How it works

You buy a subscription account from us, then you download the app from the link provided in our e-mail. After loggin in you can access, download and read more than 35,000 databases and textbooks and a lot more to come in the future.

No Additional charge for every database, No Need to be Online after you download the database.

Each account can be used on One Device simultaneously. But you can change your device in the future.

Full functionality
on Mac, iOS and Android

You can use iMD on Mac, iOS and Android and it's fully optimized for each operating system.

Requires iOS 8 and later. Compatible with all databases.
Requires android 5 and later. Compatible with all databases.
Requires Mac 10.15 (Catalina) and later. Compatible with all databases.

App Features

More than 35,000 Books

The largest collection of Medical and Pharmaceutical textbooks and Databases in One App.

Fast Search in Everything

You can quickly search inside all of your downloaded books and databases.

Fast Download Speed

You can download databases inside the app from quality servers with fastest speed possible.

Recent Option

You can see recent viewed topics and quickly start where you left off.

Full Reading Experience

Highlight, Note, Find, Zoom in and out, Save and Export PDF.


New Books and Updates for current databases will be added regularly and freely for subscribed users.

What Makes Us Different ?

In other apps , like Epocrates, Lexicomp, Skyscape, Uptodate and ... You should pay for every database and subscription fees are much higher while the app is limited to certain books from certain publishers or just a single database.
In iMD , You buy an one year subscription for an app that has currently more than 35,000 databases and new databases will be added regularly in the future.

Hard Facts

We are doctors and have been in this business since 2014, so we know the audience.


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The only way you can contact us is through [email protected] , Telegram or Instagram, and we don't have any partner and we won't contact you unless you contact us.
We have multiple resellers which provide purchase with local currency, but before buying, you should validate them by contacting us.
We don't have any responsibility, if you purchased the account from un-approved third-parties.

You can contact us 24/7

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