Intensive Update in Pain Management 2019-Videos+PDF

Intensive Update in Pain Management 2019-Videos+PDF

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Date of Original Release: May 1, 2019
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Cleveland Clinic Specialty Review

Expand your knowledge and stay current on the latest developments and emerging trends in pain medicine with this expertly informed CME program.

Keep Up with Current Trends in Your Field

Intensive Update in Pain Management — captured during the Cleveland Clinic Department of Pain Management’s 21st Annual Pain Management Symposium — is a broad introduction to recent advances and emerging trends in the rapidly evolving field of pain medicine. Led by Richard W. Rosenquist, MD, a renowned faculty provides updates related to novel state-of-the-art interventional and non-interventional techniques in diagnosis and management of chronic pain, cancer pain, headaches, and more. It will help you to better:

  • Critically assess the data on the pros and cons of cannabinoids
  • Understand the pathophysiology of acute and chronic pain
  • Outline strategies to provide affordable pain care
  • Examine contemporary approaches to headache and back pain evaluation and treatment
  • Discuss the evolving role of ketamine in the treatment of chronic and acute pain
  • Evaluate new developments within the spectrum of neuromodulation therapies
  • Demonstrate use of various technical skills needed to perform interventional pain procedures
  • Describe the use of opioids for pain management including opioid guidelines, new legislation, addiction potential, and strategies to optimize outcomes


The Fundamentals

  • Spinal Cord Stimulation – Mechanism of Action – Ricardo Vallejo, MD, PhD
  • Evaluation and Treatment of Neck and Arm Pain – Following Cervical Fusion – Thomas Mroz, MD
  • Sacroiliac Joint RFA: Indications, Better Technique, Better Outcomes? – David “DJ” Kennedy, MD
  • Cervical Spine Surgery: Watchful Waiting vs. Decompression – Thomas Mroz, MD
  • New Algorithm for Treatment of Chronic Abdominal Pain – Leo Kapural, MD, PhD
  • Core Stability – David “DJ” Kennedy, MD
  • Panel Discussion/Question and Answer

Regulatory, Billing and Ethical Challenges in Pain Practice

  • Neuromodulation – Will Overuse Kill the Technology? – Timothy R. Deer, MD
  • Effective Payer Negotiations – Damean Freas, DO
  • CPT and RUC: How is a Code Created and Get Value? – Richard W. Rosenquist, MD
  • Effective Billing for Neuromodulation Procedures – Robert Bolash, MD
  • Medical and Ethical Concerns in Billing – Damean Freas, DO

Emerging Pharmacological and Interventional Treatment

  • Basivertebral Nerve Ablation for Chronic Vertebrogenic Back Pain – David “DJ” Kennedy, MD
  • The ReActiv8 Trial – Christopher J. Gilligan, MD
  • CGRP Antagonists – MaryAnn Mays, MD
  • Nerve Growth Factor – Mark S. Wallace, MD
  • Nav1.7 as a Pharmacogenomic Target for Pain – Robert Bolash, MD

Neuromodulation: Effective Utilization of Targets, Techniques, and Devices

  • Neurostimulation: From Inception to the Future – Nagy Mekhail, MD, PhD
  • Tonic Stimulation – Ricardo Vallejo, MD, PhD
  • Burst Stimulation – Timothy R. Deer, MD
  • High Frequency Stimulation – Leo Kapural, MD, PhD
  • Feedback Modified Stimulation – Nagy Mekhail, MD, PhD
  • Intrathecal Drug Delivery – Robert Bolash, MD
  • Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation – Timothy R. Deer, MD

Neuromodulation – Changing Paradigms and Devices: How Do I Choose the Best One for My Patient?

  • Matching the Diagnosis and the Technique/Device for the Best Patient Outcome – A Case Discussion with the Experts – Nagy Mekhail, MD, PhD
  • Panel Discussion/Question and Answer

The Opioid Crisis

  • Buprenorphine: A Viable Alternative? – Robert Bolash, MD
  • Pharmacogenomics: Fad or the Future? – Jennifer Hockings, PharmD, PhD
  • Evolving Role of Pain Physicians in Identifying and Treating Opioid Use Disorder – Richard W. Rosenquist, MD
  • Opioid Stewardship at the Enterprise Level – Christopher J. Gilligan, MD
  • FDA Approved Direct to Consumer Pharmacogenomic Testing: How Do I Respond? – Jennifer Hockings, PharmD, PhD

Ketamine for Pain Medicine

  • Ketamine for Chronic Pain – Samuel Samuel, MD
  • Ketamine for Acute Pain – Sree Kolli, MD
  • Ketamine: Miracle Drug or Latest Fad? – Teresa Dews, MD
  • Contraindications to Ketamine Treatment – Samuel Samuel, MD
  • Non-Pain Related Applications of Ketamine – Christopher J. Gilligan, MD
  • Ketamine for CRPS – Jijun Xu, MD, PhD
  • Panel Discussion/Question and Answer

Medical Marijuana

  • Role of Cannabinoids in Chronic Pain Treatment – Mark S. Wallace, MD
  • Adverse Effects of Cannabinoids – Scott Petersen, PA-C
  • Oils, Edibles, Smoking, and Vaping: How Do You Decide? – Mark S. Wallace, MD


  • Evaluating the Headache Patient: When is Imaging Indicated? – Imanuel R. Lerman, MD
  • Rational Approach to Pharmacological Migraine Treatment – MaryAnn Mays, MD
  • Interventional Approaches to Headache Management – Samuel Samuel, MD
  • Adverse Effects of Pharmacological Treatments – MaryAnn Mays, MD
  • Panel Discussion/Question and Answer