Pediatric Allergy: Principles and Practice: Principles and Practice 4th Edition-Original PDF

Pediatric Allergy: Principles and Practice: Principles and Practice 4th Edition-Original PDF

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By Donald Y. M. Leung MD PhD(Editor), Cezmi A Akdis(Editor), Leonard B. Bacharier MD(Editor), Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles MD PhD(Editor), Scott H Sicherer MD(Editor), Hugh A. Sampson MD(Editor)

With complete, concise coverage of prevention, indications, diagnosis, and treatment, Pediatric Allergy, 4th Edition, is your go-to resource for current, clinically-focused content in the rapidly changing field of allergies and immune-mediated diseases in children. This highly regarded reference fully covers immunology and origins of allergy, growth and development, pregnancy, infancy, and early, middle, and late childhood―all with a new, practical, clinical focus. You’ll find authoritative coverage of the full range of allergies in pediatric patients, from asthma and other common conditions to rare or uncommon allergies, providing a one-stop resource for clinicians across specialties who care for children.

  • Focuses on the clinical application of science to the bedside, including clinical pearls discussing best practice approaches and guidelines.
  • Integrates the latest research on the origins of allergy in early life, including pregnancy, the neonate, and infants.
  • Includes new, evidence-based management guidelines for various diseases, including food allergy, atopic dermatitis, asthma and immunodeficiency.
  • Provides new content on the prevention of allergies; asthma, eczema, and food allergies in young children; and extensive current guidelines and new therapies.
  • Offers up-to-date information on key areas such as food challenges, skin testing, IgE diagnostic labs, immunotherapy, clinical immunology diagnostic testing, molecular diagnostics, and lung function testing.
  • Highlights current guidance from a new team of leading experts with 150 anatomic schematics, clinical photos, and algorithms―many new to this edition.
  • Covers gene therapy, stem-cell therapy, and a host of immunodeficiency diseases found in children with allergies.
  • Discusses targeted biologics for severe allergic diseases, defects of innate immunity, rheumatic diseases of childhood, and inflammatory disorders.
  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

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