Pediatric Dentistry: Principles and Practice 3rd Edition-Original PDF

Pediatric Dentistry: Principles and Practice 3rd Edition-Original PDF

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Pediatric Dentistry: Principles and Practice, 3e is based on syllabi prescribed by Dental Council of India (DCI) and the book will help BDS IV year students in understanding the fundamental concepts and current practice trends in Pediatric Dentistry. The contents are well-structured and presented in a lucid manner making it easy for readers to comprehend the discussed text with clarity.

Key Features
• Completely revised and updated, this edition is clinically oriented, supported with visual representation of step-by-step procedures that provide strong foundation of pediatric dentistry for UG dentistry students

• Comprehensive coverage of the subject for undergraduates, keeping in view the curriculum and also the latest guidelines and terminology

• Chapters on Teeth Identification, unique for this textbook, and Chronology and Morphology of Primary and Permanent Teeth will help the student in identifying dentition easily, that in turn will help in decision making process.

• Provides a thorough understanding through illustrations and explanations of problem areas on various concepts.

• Every effort has been made to make this book comprehensive for undergraduates and a platform for postgraduate students, given the changing trends in Pediatric dentistry.

• Contributors are from across the globe, including contributions from experts in each topic. The content in all the chapters is updated to help an aspiring student in current knowledge

New Features
• Each chapter will provide PowerPoint slides for the faculties to use as a preliminary version for their UG classes. They can edit as needed and use them

• Handy supplementary forms have been included for a few chapters, namely Case history, Protective stabilization, which students and practitioners can use to diagnose the problems and manage a child properly. It regularly allows excellent documentation at the department and clinic level to systematically collect data and write research papers

• All the related and integrated specialties of Pediatric Dentistry is extensively covered with the experts in the field under “Interdisciplinary Pediatric Dentistry”

• The terminologies and sections divisions are updated with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry (IAPD) guidelines

• Clinician’s Corner – Handy, clinical tips were provided at the end of each relevant chapter to understand better the topic for the students and the Practicing Dentists and Pediatric dentists

• Chapters on exceptional and innovative topics such as Research Methodology for beginners, Dental Photography, Psychological ownership, Ethics, Ergonomics, which are often expected, have been included

• Administering LA to children – one of the most challenging things in Pediatric Dentistry is addressed through a dedicated chapter on The “TeDiE Technique

• Flowcharts have been included in many chapters to understand the subject or procedures better.

• Stepwise clinical images have been provided for specific clinical procedures (viz. ART, Strip crown

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  • Publisher Elsevier
  • Edition 3rd Edition
  • ISBN 9788131253472
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  • Publish Year September 2022