Pre-eclampsia: Prevention, Prediction and Possibilities-Original PDF

Pre-eclampsia: Prevention, Prediction and Possibilities-Original PDF

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By Pankaj Desai(Author)

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Pre-eclampsia, a complication of pregnancy characterized by hypertension and/or edema and/or proteinuria, can have profound effects on the mother as well as the unborn fetus and even threaten their lives. Pre-eclampsia: Prevention, Prediction and Possibilities discusses the possible causes of the condition, its effects on various body systems, current methods of prediction, prevention, and treatment. What makes this book unique is its coverage of the deep intricacies of what causes Pre-eclampsia from examining the role of genetics and exosomes to lipids and their denaturation to endothelial denaturation and reperfusion damage. These extremely complex processes are thoroughly examined and then explained in a simplified way to enhance understanding. The latest concepts in color Doppler in prediction and current measures of prevention and treatment are explained at length. Overall, Pre-eclampsia will provide an updated resource for practicing obstetricians, research scientists, students and professionals involved in the care of pregnant subjects.


Key Features

  • Presents the etiopathology of Pre-eclampsia with recent research updates
  • Establishes the link between Pre-eclampsia and other obstetric vasculopathies
  • Covers individual systemic effects of the condition
  • Explores the latest approach in prediction, prevention and treatment of Pre-eclampsia

About the Author


Dr. Pankaj Desai is a Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist at Janani Maternity Hospital, Baroda, India. A prolific writer, he has contributed 43 chapters to different textbooks internationally and nationally. His outstanding academic contributions in the subject have been acknowledged and honored with 7 gold medals and 60 orations.

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