RNA-Based Regulation in Human Health and Disease (ISSN Book 18)-EPUB

RNA-Based Regulation in Human Health and Disease (ISSN Book 18)-EPUB

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By Rajesh Pandey(Editor)

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RNA-based Regulation in Human Health and Disease offers an in-depth exploration of RNA mediated genome regulation at different hierarchies. Beginning with multitude of canonical and non-canonical RNA populations, especially noncoding RNA in human physiology and evolution, further sections examine the various classes of RNAs (from small to large noncoding and extracellular RNAs), functional categories of RNA regulation (RNA-binding proteins, alternative splicing, RNA editing, antisense transcripts and RNA G-quadruplexes), dynamic aspects of RNA regulation modulating physiological homeostasis (aging), role of RNA beyond humans, tools and technologies for RNA research (wet lab and computational) and future prospects for RNA-based diagnostics and therapeutics. One of the core strengths of the book includes spectrum of disease-specific chapters from experts in the field highlighting RNA-based regulation in metabolic & neurodegenerative disorders, cancer, inflammatory disease, viral and bacterial infections. We hope the book helps researchers, students and clinicians appreciate the role of RNA-based regulation in genome regulation, aiding the development of useful biomarkers for prognosis, diagnosis, and novel RNA-based therapeutics.

  • Comprehensive information of non-canonical RNA-based genome regulation modulating human health and disease
  • Defines RNA classes with special emphasis on unexplored world of noncoding RNA at different hierarchies
  • Disease specific role of RNA – causal, prognostic, diagnostic and therapeutic
  • Features contributions from leading experts in the field

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  • Publisher : Academic Press; 1st Edition (September 2, 2020)
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