RxPrep Complete NAPLEX Online Course 2018-Videos

RxPrep Complete NAPLEX Online Course 2018-Videos

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RxPrep Complete NAPLEX Online Course 2018

What’s New in the 2018 RxPrep Online Course

Interpreting Patient Cases
-Taught by the chief pharmacist of the RxPrep clinical team: learn how to read and interpret case-based questions from the experts.  You’ll be able to clue in on the information in a patient case that must be considered in order to answer questions correctly. Plus, the test banks have been stocked full of patient cases for lots of practice. More practice will increase speed and help you complete the exam in time.

Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs:
-Hazardous Drugs are tested and will be federally enforceable in 2018. The hazard is to the staff, and exposure protection is required.

Biostatistics has been rewritten to help the biostats-impaired:
-Simple explanations, with pictures and tutorials on each tested item.

Lots of additional case practice in all topics. See how to tackle questions based on information in a patient case.

The 2018 RxPrep Course Book is included— which includes more Study Tip Gals and Key Drug Guys, with bolding and underlining throughout that highlights the must-know material to help you do well.  The video instructors will help you learn the basic competency information that is likely to be tested—the material you need to know.

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