Second-Order Consensus of Continuous-Time Multi-Agent Systems-Original PDF

Second-Order Consensus of Continuous-Time Multi-Agent Systems-Original PDF

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By Huaqing Li(Author), Dawen Xia(Author), Qingguo Lu(Author), Zheng Wang(Author), Xiangzhao Wu(Author), Huiwei Wang(Author), Lianghao Ji(Author)

Second-Order Consensus of Continuous-Time Multi-Agent Systems focuses on the characteristics and features of second-order agents, communication networks, and control protocols/algorithms in continuous consensus of multi-agent systems. The book provides readers with background on consensus control of multi-agent systems and introduces the intrinsic characteristics of second-order agents’ behavior, including the development of continuous control protocols/algorithms over various types of underlying communication networks, as well as the implementation of computation- and communication-efficient strategies in the execution of protocols/algorithms. The book’s authors also provide coverage of the frameworks of stability analysis, algebraic criteria and performance evaluation.

On this basis, the book provides an in-depth study of intrinsic nonlinear dynamics from agents’ perspective, coverage of unbalanced directed topology, random switching topology, event-triggered communication, and random link failure, from a communication networks’ perspective, as well as leader-following control, finite-time control, and global consensus control, from a protocols/algorithms’ perspective. Finally, simulation results including practical application examples are presented to illustrate the effectiveness and the practicability of the control protocols and algorithms proposed in this book.

  • Introduces the latest and most advanced protocols and algorithms in second-order consensus of continuous time, multi-agent systems with various characteristics
  • Provides readers with in-depth methods on how to construct the frameworks of stability analysis, algebraic criteria, and performance evaluation, thus helping users develop novel consensus control methods
  • Includes systematic introductions and detailed implementations on how control protocols and algorithms solve problems in real world, second-order, multi-agent systems, including solutions for engineers in related fields

Product details

  • Publisher : Academic Press; 1st edition (March 17, 2021)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 194 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 032390131X
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0323901314