Sobotta Anatomy Textbook: With Latin Nomenclature -Original PDF

Sobotta Anatomy Textbook: With Latin Nomenclature -Original PDF

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By Friedrich Paulsen(Author, Editor), Tobias M. Böckers(Author, Editor), Jens Waschke(Author, Editor), Stephan Winkler(Illustrator), Katja Dalkowski(Illustrator), Jörg Mair(Illustrator), Sonja Klebe(Illustrator)

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Like the Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, this textbook guides students through the anatomy in a clear, structured manner that is easy to remember. Sobotta excels at comprehensibly explaining the fascinating world of anatomy and carries you safely through every test and your initial patient interactions.

  • Clinical Cases: Presents a relevant practical medical case as it will be encountered during rotation
  • Question time in the Surgery Room: Highlight how students can gain valuable insights into a case by taking structured notes during the patient’s examination
  • Clinical Remarks: Indicate functional and clinical aspects that help to identify a topic’s relevance and put it in context for subsequent patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Skills Boxes: Provide a quick overview of competency-based study objectives, providing knowledge useful in exams and applicable to future professional practice
  • Note Boxes: Highlight particularly important exam knowledge to be retained throughout the book
  • Interconnected Knowledge: Fosters contextualised learning by linking macroscopic anatomy, where relevant, to embryology

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  • Paperback: 824 pages
  • Publisher: Educa Books (December 15, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0702067601
  • ISBN-13: 978-0702067600