Talley and O'Connor's Clinical OSCEs: Guide to passing the OSCEs -True PDF

Talley and O’Connor’s Clinical OSCEs: Guide to passing the OSCEs -True PDF

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By Nicholas J Talley

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This practical companion to Talley & O’Connor’s Clinical Examination focuses on refining your clinical skills technique to ensure you excel in your Objective Structured Clinical Examinations.The 102 stations are graded according to the conditions you will be examined on during your Early, Intermediate and Final clinical years.Each station includes background information relevant to the condition being examined, the rationale and method, as well as a guide to presenting on the case, tips and relevant marking criteriato build your confidence in performing these high-pressure examinations.102 stations graded as Early – Mid, Intermediate and Final clinical yearsMarking criteria boxes and examiners’ likely questions to help you prepareTips and hints on presenting your findings to the examinersDetailed method explanation to aid understandingColour clinical photos and graphics to support deep learningAn eBook included in all print purchases

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