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The appendix has historically been considered to be a vestigial organ without any known function. However, it often becomes inflamed, and appendicitis is a common cause of acute and chronic abdominal pain with appendectomy being one of the commonest operations performed by general surgeons. Like the tonsils, uterus, and gall bladder, it also carries the distinction of being an organ which is often removed for dubious indications. This tendency has been exacerbated by the widespread practice and popularity of laparoscopic surgery. The majority of this book naturally focuses on the problem of appendicitis and the various issues in its management. Many of the authors have also brought in their substantial personal experience which, though not necessarily based on scientific studies, is valuable in a given clinical situation. The two chapters on appendicular tumors come from experts who are considered leaders in this field and their message is that these tumors can be treated effectively if diagnosed early and managed appropriately.

This issue has contributions from a wide variety of specialists including gastro surgeons, colorectal surgeons, surgical oncologists, laparoscopic surgeons, pediatric surgeons, and pathologists. The collection not only highlights what is a relatively ignored topic but also sounds a cautionary note against trivialization of appendicular disease and appendectomy.

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