The Cognitive Neurosciences (The MIT Press) 6th Edition-Original PDF

The Cognitive Neurosciences (The MIT Press) 6th Edition-Original PDF

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By David Poeppel(Editor, Contributor), George R. Mangun(Editor), Michael S. Gazzaniga(Editor), Sarah-Jayne Blakemore(Contributor), Todd M. Preuss(Contributor), Renée Baillargeon(Contributor), Peipei Setoh(Contributor), Stephanie Sloane(Contributor), Kyong-sun Jin(Contributor), Lin Bian(Contributor), Anne-Lise Goddings(Contributor), Jay N. Giedd(Contributor), Eveline A. Crone(Contributor), Kathryn L. Mills(Contributor), James K. Rilling(Contributor), Dietrich Stout(Contributor), Steven P. Wise(Contributor), Jason Scott Robert(Contributor), André M. M. Sousa(Contributor), Kyle A. Meyer(Contributor), Nenad Šestan(Contributor), Leah Krubitzer(Contributor), Rodney Douglas(Contributor), Kevan A.C. Martin(Contributor), Olaf Sporns(Contributor), Jon H. Kaas(Contributor), Charnese Bowes(Contributor), Man Chen(Contributor), Michael W. Deem(Contributor), Courtney Stevens(Contributor), Helen Neville(Contributor), Gregg H. Recanzone(Contributor), Jennifer Blaze(Contributor), Eric D. Roth(Contributor), Tania L. Roth(Contributor), Sabine Kastner(Contributor), Jeremy Wolfe(Contributor), John T. Serences(Contributor), Steven J. Luck(Contributor), Steven A. Hillyard(Contributor), Maurizio Corbetta(Contributor), Antonello Baldassare(Contributor), Alicia Callejas(Contributor), Lenny Ramsey(Contributor), Gordon L. Shulman(Contributor), Stefan Treue(Contributor), Julio C. Martinez-Trujillo(Contributor), Thilo Womelsdorf(Contributor), Ayelet N. Landau(Contributor), Pascal Fries(Contributor), Behrad Noudoost(Contributor), Eddy Albarran(Contributor), Tirin Moore(Contributor), Laurent Itti(Contributor), Ali Borji(Contributor), James J. DiCarlo(Contributor), Rachel I. Wilson(Contributor), Fred Rieke(Contributor), Adrienne Fairhall(Contributor), Bruno A. Olshausen(Contributor), Xaq Pitkow(Contributor), Markus Meister(Contributor), Elad Schneidman(Contributor), Nicole C. Rust(Contributor), Douglas A. Ruff(Contributor), Marlene R. Cohen(Contributor), Wilson S. Geisler(Contributor), Johannes Burge(Contributor), Melchi M. Michel(Contributor), Anthony D. D’Antona(Contributor), Steven S. Hsiao(Contributor), Manuel Gomez-Ramirez(Contributor), Daniel Kersten(Contributor), Alan L. Yuille(Contributor), Kalanit Grill-Spector(Contributor), Kevin S. Weiner(Contributor), Richard P. Dum(Contributor), Andreea C. Bostan(Contributor), Peter L. Strick(Contributor), Robert S. Turner(Contributor), Benjamin Pasquereau(Contributor), Jörn Diedrichsen(Contributor), Amy Bastian(Contributor), Frédéric Crevecoeur(Contributor), Tyler Cluff(Contributor), Stephen H. Scott(Contributor), Aaron Batista(Contributor), Roger N. Lemon(Contributor), Matthew F. S. Rushworth(Contributor), Bolton Ka Hung Chau(Contributor), Urs Schüffelgen(Contributor), Franz-Xaver Neubert(Contributor), Nils Kolling(Contributor), Scott H. Johnson-Frey(Contributor), Scott T. Grafton(Contributor), Anthony D. Wagner(Contributor), Charan Ranganath(Contributor), Michael E. Hasselmo(Contributor), Chantal E. Stern(Contributor), Lila Davachi(Contributor), Alison Preston(Contributor), Jill K. Leutgeb(Contributor), Stefan Leutgeb(Contributor), Jeremy R. Manning(Contributor), Michael J. Kahana(Contributor), Kenneth A. Norman(Contributor), Melina R. Uncapher(Contributor), Alan M. Gordon(Contributor), Michael B. Miller(Contributor), Ian G. Dobbins(Contributor), Daphna Shohamy(Contributor), Nathaniel D. Daw(Contributor), Sinéad L. Mullally(Contributor), Eleanor A. Maguire(Contributor), Peter Hagoort(Contributor), Katrin Amunts(Contributor), Marco Catani(Contributor), Asif A. Ghazanfar(Contributor), William D. Marslen-Wilson(Contributor), Mirjana Bozic(Contributor), Lorraine K. Tyler(Contributor), Marta Kutas(Contributor), Kara D. Federmeier(Contributor), Thomas P. Urbach(Contributor), Karen Emmorey(Contributor), Asli Özyürek(Contributor), Stephen C. Levinson(Contributor), Morten H. Christiansen(Contributor), Ralph-Axel Müller(Contributor), Paul W. Glimcher(Contributor), Elizabeth A. Phelps(Contributor), Todd F. Heatherton(Contributor), Catherine A. Hartley(Contributor), Justin M. Moscarello(Contributor), Gregory J. Quirk(Contributor), Dylan D. Wagner(Contributor), Kevin N. Ochsner(Contributor), Leah H. Somerville(Contributor), BJ Casey(Contributor), Dylan G. Gee(Contributor), Paul J. Whalen(Contributor), Timothy R. Koscik(Contributor), Nicole White(Contributor), Hanah A. Chapman(Contributor), Adam K. Anderson(Contributor), Peter Mende-Siedlecki(Contributor), Alexander Todorov(Contributor), Nalini Ambady(Contributor), Jonathan B. Freeman(Contributor), Guilio Tononi(Contributor), Gabriel Kreiman(Contributor), Marcello Massimini(Contributor), Athena Demertzi(Contributor), Steven Laureys(Contributor), Hal Blumenfeld(Contributor), Naotsugu Tsuchiya(Contributor), Christof Koch(Contributor), Sid Kouider(Contributor), Jérôme Sackur(Contributor), Olaf Blanke(Contributor), Patrick Haggard(Contributor), B. A. Wandell(Contributor), Alard Roebroeck(Contributor), Rainer Goebel(Contributor), Jarrod A. Lewis-Peacock(Contributor), Yaniv Assaf(Contributor), Danielle S. Bassett(Contributor), Mary-Ellen Lynall(Contributor), Tilman J. Kispersky(Contributor), Timothy O’Leary(Contributor), Eve Marder(Contributor), Daniel Yoshor(Contributor), Michael S. Beauchamp(Contributor), Kelly A. Zalocusky(Contributor), Karl Deisseroth(Contributor), Daniel Marcus(Contributor), Walter Sinnott-Armstrong(Contributor), Adina L. Roskies(Contributor), Lasana T. Harris(Contributor), Victoria K. Lee(Contributor), Beatrice H. Capestany(Contributor), Joshua D. Greene(Contributor), Uri Maoz(Contributor), Gideon Yaffe(Contributor), Annabelle M. Belcher(Contributor), Nora D. Volkow(Contributor), Frederick Gerard Moeller(Contributor), Sergi Ferré(Contributor), Lyn M. Gaudet Kiehl(Contributor), Nathaniel E. Anderson(Contributor), Kent A. Kiehl(Contributor), Anjan Chatterjee(Contributor), Scott A. Huettel(Contributor), Anat Arzi(Contributor), Snigdha Banerjee(Contributor), Justin C. Cox(Contributor), Dean D’Souza(Contributor), Felipe De Brigard(Contributor), Bradley B. Doll(Contributor), Jacqueline Fairley(Contributor), James Rodger Fleming(Contributor), Sibylle C. Herholz(Contributor), Danielle R. King(Contributor), Laura A. Libby(Contributor), John C. Myers(Contributor), Maital Neta(Contributor), David Pitcher(Contributor), Jonathan D. Power(Contributor), Olga Rass(Contributor), Maureen Ritchey(Contributor), Eduardo Rosales Jubal(Contributor), Ashley Royston(Contributor), Wei-chun Wang(Contributor), Jill D. Waring(Contributor), Jamal Williams(Contributor), Suzanne Wood(Contributor)

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The sixth edition of the foundational reference on cognitive neuroscience, with entirely new material that covers the latest research, experimental approaches, and measurement methodologies.

Each edition of this classic reference has proved to be a benchmark in the developing field of cognitive neuroscience. The sixth edition of The Cognitive Neurosciences continues to chart new directions in the study of the biological underpinnings of complex cognition―the relationship between the structural and physiological mechanisms of the nervous system and the psychological reality of the mind. It offers entirely new material, reflecting recent advances in the field, covering the latest research, experimental approaches, and measurement methodologies.

This sixth edition treats such foundational topics as memory, attention, and language, as well as other areas, including computational models of cognition, reward and decision making, social neuroscience, scientific ethics, and methods advances. Over the last twenty-five years, the cognitive neurosciences have seen the development of sophisticated tools and methods, including computational approaches that generate enormous data sets. This volume deploys these exciting new instruments but also emphasizes the value of theory, behavior, observation, and other time-tested scientific habits.

Section editors
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore and Ulman Lindenberger, Kalanit Grill-Spector and Maria Chait, Tomás Ryan and Charan Ranganath, Sabine Kastner and Steven Luck, Stanislas Dehaene and Josh McDermott, Rich Ivry and John Krakauer, Daphna Shohamy and Wolfram Schultz, Danielle Bassett and Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, Marina Bedny and Alfonso Caramazza, Liina Pylkkänen and Karen Emmorey, Mauricio Delgado and Elizabeth Phelps, Anjan Chatterjee and Adina Roskies

Product Details

  • Series: The MIT Press
  • Hardcover: 1152 pages
  • Publisher: The MIT Press; sixth edition edition (May 12, 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0262043254
  • ISBN-13: 978-0262043250