UCSF Musculoskeletal MRI 2018-Videos+PDFs

UCSF Musculoskeletal MRI 2018-Videos+PDFs

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Series Release: May 1, 2018
Series Expiration: April 30, 2021 (deadline to register for credit)

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University of California San Francisco Clinical Update (SA-CME)

This comprehensive exploration of musculoskeletal imaging delves into the anatomy and pathology of each joint, cartilage lesions, bone tumors, and more.

Optimize Diagnostic Skills

A comprehensive state-of-the-art update, UCSF Musculoskeletal MRI provides a review of pertinent anatomy and pathology of each joint, highlights the newest available sequences in cartilage lesion evaluation, and discusses optimized protocols with 1.5T and 3T MR units. Additional discussions cover bone and soft-tissue tumors, and bone marrow and muscle pathology. It will help you to better:

  • Use optimized protocols for imaging of the musculoskeletal system, including suppression of metal hardware in patients with joint replacements
  • Understand the MRI anatomy of the shoulder, digits, hip, knee and ankle
  • Identify abnormalities of the joints, muscles, bone marrow and cartilage on MRI and their clinical significance
  • Recognize common bone tumors with a pertinent differential diagnosis
  • Identify suitable protocols and recognize abnormalities of cervical spine trauma
  • ACL Reconstruction – Matthew D. Bucknor, MD
  • Elbow Injuries in Athletes – Matthew D. Bucknor, MD
  • Radiographic Checklist for Hip Impingement – Matthew D. Bucknor, MD
  • Three Tough Topics in the Foot/Ankle – Matthew D. Bucknor, MD
  • Digital MRI: The Fingers and Toes – John F. Feller, MD
  • Imaging of Cervical Spine Trauma – John F. Feller, MD
  • MRI Following Joint Arthroplasty – John F. Feller, MD
  • Bone Marrow – Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD
  • Bone Tumors – Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD
  • Cartilage and Osteochondral Disease – Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD
  • Inflammatory Arthropathies – Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD
  • MRI of Pelvic Tendons – Mini N. Pathria, MD
  • Nerve Entrapment – Mini N. Pathria, MD
  • Stress Injury of Bone – Mini N. Pathria, MD
  • Traumatic Muscle – Mini N. Pathria, MD
  • Meniscal Pearls and Pitfalls – Lynne S. Steinbach, MD
  • Pitfalls in Shoulder MRI – Lynne S. Steinbach, MD
  • Traumatic Shoulder Instability – Lynne S. Steinbach, MD