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How to donate and Buy Points

Donation via Cryptocurrency

Donation via Cryptocurrency:

  • Buy  Points with Bitcoin or USDT ( trc20 ):
  • For each dollar for donation through BTC OR USDT, you will receive 10 points. ( $1=10points)
  • Minimum Purchase with Bitcoin is $10 USD worth of Bitcoin.
  • Points will be added to your account in 24 HOURS after Successful payment and confirmation.

Kindly after donation if you didn’t receive your points, complete the Sale Support form on “Contact us” page


Donation Via Giftcard
Donation Via Giftcard
  • You will receive 10 points for each $1 USD eGift Cards.
  • Minimum Purchase is $10.00 USD eGift Cards.
  • The eGift card should bought from

We accept these egift cards: Hulu Gift Card – Email Delivery

Step 1: Visit webpage which sells Amazon Gift card (or Click here). Note that we only accept gift card from US Amazon ( You can click one any of the links Below:

Step 2: Enter the amount you wish to purchase (any amount you like, notice minimum purchase with is $10.00 USD  – 100 points)

Step 3: Recipient email: (please copy exactly our email): Please ask for email 

Step 4: Click “Buy Now” button, and finish the payment with your Credit Cards/Debit Cards.

After we receive your e-giftcards via our email, we will add points to your account within several hours.

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